Planning Appeals

Planning Appeals

Our appeals service deals with all aspects of Planning Appeals. Nationally around 27 percent of planning appeals were  successful in 2021.  If your application is rejected by the Council we can prepare and present an appeal directly to the Secretary of State. 

If we hear that an application is likely to be rejected prior to a formal decision being made we will contact you to discuss whether to withdraw the application and submit an amended set of plans. This may be the preferred approach, primarily to reduce the overall planning timescales.


Once a formal decision is made we can examine the reasons for the decision and either: if it is considered that the decision is flawed, proceed to an Appeal; or, modify the plans where possible to address the issues raised and then submit a new application. We will contact you to discuss your options if your application is rejected.

Please contact us for a quotation for the preparation of your planning appeal.


Planning Appeals in Essex by GPO Designs